November 9

California voters delivered two big wins for education on Tuesday.  EdSource reports on the win for Gov. Brown’s Prop. 30 (the other funding measure, Prop. 38 was soundly defeated) and what it means for schools:–  The L.A. Times looks at the impact of the passage of the measure on K-12 and post secondary schools:,0,790902.story   The Los Angeles Daily News describes how the passage of Prop. 30 will help restore some programs and fund other budget cuts in the LAUSD: The same paper has a brief story about how a consortium of unions in California helped defeat Prop. 32:  Besides positive results on the education-related propositions the voters delivered super majorities in both the California Senate and Assembly.  What might this mean for education in the state?  EdSource provides this analysis:
   Education Week discusses the reelection of Pres. Obama and what people can look forward to regarding education in his second term:
   If an elementary school in Encinitas adds yoga to its curriculum is it indoctrinating its students in Hinduism?  That’s what a group of parents are charging as detailed in Wedesday’s L.A. Times,0,6809683.story  In today’s Times several letter-writers chimed in regarding the “controversy” raised by some parents about the yoga classes:,0,1758678.story
   A story in the same paper reports about a principal of a religious school who became a citizen and voted for the first time on Tuesday.  He used his experiences as a teaching moment for the students of his school:,0,7346997.story
   Rae McCormick shared this story from the Glendale News-Press with ALOED members at their meeting on Wednesday about Glendale Unified allowing students to bring wireless devices to class for use in school-related lessons:,0,2779354.story
   Ever since anyone can remember teachers have reached into their own pockets to provide books, school supplies, clothing, food and other essential items for their students.  This story highlights individual educators who’ve done just that and why they must continue to do so:
   An editorial in today’s L.A. Times opines on the use of standardized test scores in the new API report cards for state schools.  The piece favors California’s approach as compared to what the federal government would like to see but raises some questions about the specifics:,0,7474419.story
    Any of you ever have to work a second job while teaching in order to make ends meet?  Quite a few of your current colleagues are in the same boat according to a new study from the National Center for Education Statistics as highlighted in Education Week:  You can read the full report (45 pages), with lots of other data, titled “Beginning K-12 Teacher Characteristics and Preparation by School Type, 2009” here:
   A lawsuit filed against teacher tenure is scheduled to go forward after a L.A. Superior Court judge’s tentative ruling on the issue was announced yesterday according to this brief item in the L.A. Times:
   Here’s a novel concept.  Now that the election season is (finally) over campaign contributors should be encouraged to make matching donations to the public schools.  EdSource reprints this commentary from an earlier one in The Sacramento Bee:
   A fifth-grade teacher from Harmony Elementary School (LAUSD) was named one of five California “Teachers of the Year” yesterday:
  A late-breaking story on the Times website today finds that LAUSD Supt. John Deasy will ask the school board next week to restore the full 180-day school year and rescind all furlough days for employees:
   And finally, the UCLA IDEA Friday “Themes in the News” takes another (last?) look back at the Tuesday election:
Enjoy the Veterans Day Holiday on Monday!
Dave Alpert (’71) Chief Commissar

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