ALOED Survey Responses

Sample Survey Responses:

“Oxy prepared me for teaching in public schools.  At that time, saying you graduated from Oxy always put you at the front of the line.” (‘61)

“The observation assignments and student teaching experiences were invaluable.  I felt prepared professionally.” (‘61)

Oxy provided awesome prep for the career I chose.  I was a leader on campus and my students learned a great deal in the classroom.  I am very happy with my choice.  I am now mentoring student teachers for Fresno Pacific University.” (‘77)

“I was better prepared than colleagues and I liked to hire Oxy grads.”(‘78)

I think Oxy prepared me far more than other teaching programs which I have seen (via student teachers).  I love my job and plan to teach for the next 20 years.  I was hired directly out of college and given GATE courses as well as autonomy.  I found that Oxy prepared me very well for the transition into a first year teacher.  I am saddened that Oxy has put the credential program on hold.“ (‘04)

“Still teaching.  My Occidental credential, together with the field experience I received as a student teacher (at my present school) were the reasons I was hired.“ (’01)

“Our credential program was very personal, addressing the needs of each student teacher, and included lots of classroom time that was invaluable.” (‘90)

“Occidental College’s teaching program use to be one of the most respected in Southern California. Anytime you told someone that you went to Occidental College the response was very positive. It would be a shame for that tradition to die because the current faculty let the college down.“ (‘96)

“I appreciated the guidance, small class sizes, mentoring, and the rigor of the preparation.  The program was very cohesive and focused on preparing excellent teacher leaders.” (‘87)

In both Glendale, CA, and in two districts in NY, my Oxy credential opened doorways to employment.  GUSD has always held Oxy teachers in high esteem.  I was sad to see the recent developments in the Oxy credentialing program.“ (‘61)

“The credential program was invaluable and has prepared me for many years of success.“ (‘90)

“It was so prestigious that I ended up interviewing school districts to see which one in which I WANTED to work instead of them interviewing me.“ (‘60)

The education department was highly esteemed by many people back in the day.  I was offered many jobs, just because I was an OXY grad.  I sincerely hope that the education department gets back on its feet and soars back up to the levels that it has been known for.“ (‘76)

“Occidental teaching candidates were held in high regard with the principals and administrators with whom I interacted in Glendale. I felt very well prepared as a new teacher, thanks to the education and direction I got from Occidental’s education department.“ (‘03)

My M.A.T. from Oxy has been instrumental in shaping my education career. I taught full-time (English lit. and composition) for 4 years in Pasadena public high schools before transitioning into librarianship. Subsequent jobs as a high school librarian and university librarian fundamentally integrate the skills I honed in Oxy’s education department to create, deliver, and assess holistic curriculum.“ (‘00)

“A credential from Oxy was highly regarded in the education community.“ (‘68)

“In every district where I taught, an Occidental credential was seen as being valuable.” (no year)

“I am proud of the credential I received from Oxy. We were very well prepared not only to teach but to educate the whole child and to be life-long learners ourselves.“ (‘78)

“43 years total in education, including doctoral degree and college teaching. 25 years as a principal. Please reinstate the teacher certification program at Oxy and let me know how I can help. Secondary credential from UCLA, admin credentials from U of Washington, EdD from Seattle University.“ (‘67)

“My Occidental credentials provided an in and got me a job when the market was very tight post Proposition 13.  I was very well prepared because of the Occidental program.“ (‘77)

“Oxy had a reputation of training teachers and administrators that was unparalleled.  The Oxy credential opened doors.“ (‘63)

“Most impressive, is that they [Stanford] set up a Charter High School in East Palo Alto. The students from this minority community are worked with by Stanford Education Faculty, and students.  Over half of the students are college bound!  The dropout rate has dramatically diminished.

I think Occidental could accomplish such things, as they train teachers for credentials.  This would require the Education professors to get to know the people in the public schools nearby, and need to deeply involve the Oxy professors in helping their student teachers to have a successful experience in student teaching.  If Oxy has an Education Department, and it does not provide a successful Credential Program, there is no reason to have any “Education Dep’t.” in my opinion.  Occidental has many students who can be the outstanding teachers of the future.  Occidental claims to be interested in the City of L.A. and its people.  What can be more important than teaching in L.A. Schools?  And providing the schools with outstanding teachers?  Is the K-12 part of the teaching world beneath the dignity of Occidental College students?”  ( ‘53)


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