Envisioning Excellence in Education

Great start of the discussion about the future of education.  Thanks to all who attended the panel discussion last night,  and to the outstanding panelists.  Unfortunately, our time was limited so we didn’t get to all the questions.  I’m posting them here, and hope that this will be a good continuation of the discussion.


Question 1: How will the Common Core Standards change the way teachers teach?  What skills will teachers need to be flexible and effective in the ever-changing educational world?

Question 2: How would you recommend that new teachers develop inquiry and collaboration confidence?  A community of interactive colleagues makes for a model for students to follow as they develop their own confidence to share their questions and knowledge.

Question 3: What are thoughts on motivating public high school students in core subjects to rise to their potential and to excel?

Question 4: How do we balance the increasing reliance on online learning with the need to guide students through the process of learning to act and think critically?

Question 5: How can teacher training programs help elementary teachers develop the higher math knowledge that will be expected by the Common Core Standards?

Question 6: What can schools do to close the technology gap and make more technology available in lower income schools?

Question 7: What kinds of “technology-rich” courses are available now at Oxy for undergrads?

Question 8: Does Oxy have the resources to offer an Administrative Credential and a PhD in Education?

Question 9: What is the process and timeline Oxy has projected for determining if a credential program will be re-instated?

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