Ed News, Thursday, August 24, 2017 Special Edition


 A Blog with News and Views of Critical Education Issues

                   Ed. note:  The “Ed News will, unfortunately, need to suspend publication for an indefinite period of time.  During a wonderful bike tour vacation in the California wine country with my two younger brothers last week I was involved in a rather serious crash when my bike hit an unseen pothole on a downhill stretch of road outside Sonoma and I went flying onto the pavement.   The paramedics were called and I was transported to the emergency room in Santa Rosa.  I sustained a broken little finger on my left hand which required surgery yesterday to ensure I’d have maximum function of the digit, a major gash on my left hand and chin, both requiring stitches and other cuts and abrasions on my lip, elbow, knee and arm.  I was able to finish the vacation by riding in the van and providing support and encouragement to my brothers and the other riders.  The tour ended Friday and my brothers and I returned to L.A. that evening.  I’ve been sporting a cast and bandages on my left hand since the accident and surgery which, obviously, makes sustained typing impossible.  My doctor believes the cast/bandages will need to remain in place for at least 4-5 weeks.  I’m in the process of recuperating now and am most anxious to get back on my bike, the tennis court and resume my gym workouts, yoga class and writing this blog.  Thanks for your patience and the “Ed News” will be publishing again soon.
Dave Alpert (Oxy, ’71)  
Member ALOED, Alumni of Occidental in Education
That’s me working diligently on the blog again in the near future.             

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